The Town’s Administration is responsible for the general management of all municipal functions. This department includes the Town Manager and Town Clerk.

Town Manager

Robert C Taylor, Jr (Rob)

Town Clerk

Jacqueline Nicholson (Jackie)

From The Town Manager


On behalf of the Mayor and Council, I would like to welcome you to the Town of Wallace’s web site. We provide this service in the hope that it will assist you as residents and citizens of our community to become more involved in local government and to assist you in receiving timely information about the services of town government. We are here to serve and improve the community and therefore welcome your feedback and suggestions.


The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council. As a Council/Manager form of government, the Town Manager is charged with managing and directing all daily operational activities of the Town through direct communication with department heads. The primary mission of the Town Manager’s Office is to assure that the laws of the State, Town ordinances, resolutions, policies and regulations of the Council are executed correctly.

Duties of the Town Manager include but are not limited to:

  • Attendance at all meetings of the Town Council and recommendations for adoption of agenda items, etc.
  • Preparation of monthly reports to the Town Council.
  • Budget and capital improvements recommendations in accordance with schedule adopted by the Town Council
  • Supervision of all work of department heads and employees of the Town.
  • Increase public awareness, interest, understanding and participation in Town issues, programs and services.

Town Clerk

Other duties of the Clerk include but are not limited to
  • Attend Town Council meetings and prepare minutes
  • Respond to public records requests
  • Serve as Human Resources Administrator
  • Administer Employee Benefits
  • Serve as Town’s Risk Manager